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Here's what a few students did as a part of Catherine's Closet to make a difference:

Sgt. Mahasin El Amin, of the Plainfield Police Division Domestic Violence/Megan's Law Unit:  I bought 60 gowns for my Cinderella PROM Project. The goal of the Cinderella Prom Project/Prom Giveaway is to cover the costs of their gown, jewelry, shoes and accessories. It is a way to give back to our community and it allows the young ladies to know their community supports them.

Michelle L.:  Having previously donated to Catherine's Closet through another volunteer, I decided to start my own collection from friends and neighbors in town. I used social media to spread the word locally and collected 58 dresses, plus accessories. My house was filled to the brim with gowns - it was amazing! One of the dresses I received was from a neighbor. It was a beautiful custom made gown she had worn only once, for her son's bar mitzvah, nearly a decade ago. When I saw the young lady put the dress on, I was so excited that this gorgeous gown found a new home. After sitting in a closet for so long, it finally got new life with someone who not only wanted it, but needed it. The whole day was filled with moments like that. I witnessed a mother cry as she watched her daughter find the perfect gown for her prom. And I helped the nicest woman find the dress she planned to wear to her sorority reunion. As soon as she tried it on, she was ecstatic; "this is the one, this is it" she kept saying. Turns out that was another one of the dresses I donated from my drive. I was so thrilled to see so many girls and women walk out of the event not just with gowns, but many of the ones I knew came from my friends and community. It was amazing to see, to physically witness, our contributions helping so many others.

Kia W.: Volunteered at 3 give-aways, was a personal shopper and a bagger.

Tro-jah I.: Made a 1000 copies of flyers for Catherine's Closet, and baked with intentions to donate.

Samantha B.: Sent out e-mails, sorted dresses, advertised, and participated in the give-away.

Sheerah Ann L.: Sorted Dresses, constructed time-sheets, distributed flyers, re-designed organizations donation card, and numbered entrance tickets.

Joran S.: Sent out emails, made phone calls, sorted dresses, attended officer and membership meetings and assisted in moving the dresses.

Alissa M.: Overlooked advertising, member of the mending and sorting committees, volunteered on give-away day.

Jacquetta Ashley G.: Flyer promotions in Newark and New York and sold tickets for "Tricky Tray".

Xiomara B.: Created greeting cards for scholarship fundraisers, designed and constructed event table centerpieces and signs.

Lisa B: Wrote letters, sent out emails, created flyers, sorted dresses and participated in committee meetings.

Latice T.: Made posters for community sale, designed Catherine's Closet buttons, created event banners.

Ali L.: Introduced Ocean & Monmouth Counties to the Catherine's Closet charity. Collected dresses, sorted and helped with shopping days, made flyers for distribution, updated website.

Let us know what your group is doing to get the word out about Catherine's Closet and making a difference and we'll post it right here on CatherinesCloset.org.

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