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Ali Longo, 16, of Toms River, NJ pictured with prom dresses being prepared for donation.

"Taking Girls Under Her Wing"
Asbury Park Press
Copyright Asbury Park Press 2008
Date; 2008/11/08 Section D;

"Marisol Rois, 17 of Passaic High School, said that her mother died a year ago and that the family's financial problems made buying a prom dress impossible. But after her friend Diana Mora, 19, dragged her to the hotel this morning, she came away near tears, carrying a two piece satin gown with a white top stitched with pearls and rhinestones, a mint green skirt and a diaphanous shawl. It was the first shawl she had ever had, said Ms. Rios, hugging herself with it."

"A Tragedy Inspires Dreams in Taffeta,"
New York Times. April 6, 2003, by Ronald Smothers

"The Gowns- Some by Armani, Ralph Lauren and Oleg Cassini - are normally sold at places like Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and Lord & Taylor, for $200 and up.

But a group of young ladies from Newark didn't have to go to the malls to find their gowns. Instead they were able to pick up the elegant silk, chiffon, and taffeta prom dresses from racks set up in a city high school classroom. And all for Free."

"Perfect Fit For a Prom"
The Star -Ledger Archive
Copyright The Star-Ledger 2002
Date; 2002/04/12 Friday Page: 021 Section; New Jersey edition: Final size: 682 words

"Project Honors East Orange Teen"
Carter, Barry. The Star- Ledger Archive.
Copyright the Star Ledger 2003, 2003/01/31
Friday page: 031 Section Essex edition: East: Size 823 words

USA Weekend Magazine - "Dressed to Party", 3.28.2004

The Christian Science Monitor - "Raiding Catherine's Closet for a prom dress", 5.14.2002

Catherine's Closet - Press Release 2005-2006

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